PS3 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking a PS3 is one great way to unlock your gaming console and play a lot of games. With that, you can run legitimate backups from a usb device, internal HDD or any external memories.  Buying PS3 games is a lot expensive especially if you are an extreme gamer. You can also play latest games without spending too much if you have a jailbroken PS3.

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So What Does A PS3 Jailbreak Means?

If you still don’t have enough ideas about what is a PS3 Jailbreak then you are in the right place. Please continue reading this as I will gonna elaborate to you what it is and its purpose.

Usually, the best way to do it is by including a USB-shaped device which can bypass the system security check and allows the execution of unsigned code. With these method, you can now play different games from your external HDD but the warranty of your console will be gone.

Steps on How the PS3 Jailbreak Works

Jailbreaking your PS3 console is not that hard. These are the steps to follow:
1.    Open your PS3
2.    Plugin a USB/Flashdrive stick into the PS3 (the update file is included on the usb/flashdrive stick)
3.    Update your PS3 through the USB/Flashdrive stick.
4.    After few minutes of updating, your PS3 will restart and that’s it. Your PS3 is jailbroken.

PS3 Jailbreak Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages when you decided to jailbreak your PS3. These are the common things:


  • The ability to play copied games from your external HDD or any external memories.
  • You can now also play games directly from your PS3 hard drive. Expect games to load faster using your storage than using a ps3 cd.
  • You can now have a backup and play existing games without the need for the CD in the future.
  • You can play MKV videos from a jailbroken PS3. Showtime is the application added from a Jailbroken PS3 device and enjoy playing 1080p HD videos.
  • You can also install new applications and softwares especially operating systems like Linux (Ubuntu)


  • The warranty of your Jailbroken PS3 will be void. It is such a risk for you especially if you just recently bought it and something wrong happens with your console. The big decision for jailbreaking a PS3 is in you and it should be done with your own risk.
  • You will not able to update your Jailbroken PS3 for the next latest firmware.
  • You cannot play online games from a Jailbroken PS3. It is impossible because you need to sign in to the PSN network before playing online and it is not possible if you already jailbreak your ps3.

Some More Reminders About PS3 Jailbreak

As this article explained, jailbreaking a PS3 is not that hard and complicated to do. You should just take into consideration the pros and cons of jailbreaking one PS3 console.  A lot of hardwork are made by most people to discover this trick and most people right now are taking advantage of it.

I hope I helped you a lot and thanks for taking some time checking out my post..